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To lovely and respectable brothers, sisters and netizens.
Welcome to the Bundang St. Paul Parish homepage. Our Parish started worship in a rental commercial building in 1997. Thanks to much prays and devotions of brothers and sisters, the Parish church was completed in 2007. It was a grace to have the sanctification ceremony led by Bishop in 2008. Nowadays, the Parish is growing as a big community of faith, the number of 8,000 catholics.

The Rev. YOON Jae-Ik (Bartholomew) was sent to here as the 1st parish priest, The Rev. PARK Hyun-Bae(Jack) as the 2nd, The Rev. JEONG Un-Taik(Daegun Andrew) as the 3rd. I have serving pastorate from 9.4. 2009 as the 4th. I serve with pleasure and sincerity owing to understanding, concerning and love of brothers and sisters even though I'm so inexperienced. I always thank God for that I serve especially here as the Parish priest among 200 parishes of the Suwon Diocese. The reason is that the believers are passionate much more than other Parish believers are, and the Parish is becoming a major community filled with love and generosity.

The Parish homepage was prepared and served as a faith space from the age of Parish establishment. In 2011, the homepage was remodeled more beautifully and easily according to increase needs of fellow believers. I hope that each fellow believer may get the news of church and the matters of awareness by using this homepage. And I wish it should be a useful cyber space contributed to the development of the Parish through active communication and positive suggestions each other. Now, I invite you to enjoy the homepage....... May God Bless You.

St. Paul Parish
Service times

Sunday Masses

 6:30, 9:00, 11:00,

 15:00 (For the middle school and high school students),

 19:30( for youth)

Monday Mass


Tuesday Masses

 10:00,    19:30

Wednesday Masses

 06:30,    10:00

Thursday Masses

 10:00,    19:30

Friday Masses

 06:30,    10:00

Saturday Masses

 10:00,    16:00,   19:30

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